Midcoast School Of Music


The Midcoast School Of Music is a student-oriented institution with a mission to instill a love of learning as well as a love of music. They offer lessons in brass, woodwinds, percussion, guitar, bass, vocals, and even turntables. Founded in early 2009, the school has found a following very quickly and has expanded to encompass multiple campuses – one in Bath, ME and the other in Portland, ME.

I was introduced to this project by Matt Fogg, a longtime client of mine and one of the school’s founders. The idea was to not only provide an online billboard, but to get information out to their current and potential students as quickly and easily as possible. For this, I employed the open-source CMS WordPress, which allows Matt and his business partner Chris the freedom to post information and edit their website on the fly from anywhere they have internet access.

Visit: www.midcoastschoolofmusic.com