Free February Desktop Wallpaper

If there’s one sure way to get better at something, it’s practice. It’s true for most anything – sports, playing a musical instrument, and especially design. I’ve found that the more I play with pixels, the more “tuned in” my eye becomes and the more detail becomes second nature. With that in mind, I’m trying to spend more of my “down time” in 2010 working on some personal projects and just plain experimenting.

I’ve been reading Smashing Magazine for awhile now and they have this really great recurring feature each month where designers will submit desktop wallpapers to be given away for free. I’m a little late to the party for February, but that just enables me to offer my submission to all the folks who happen by my little corner of the web. Without further ado, here’s my free desktop wallpaper for February 2010…


Download your resolution here:  1680 x 1050, 1440 x 900, 1024 x 768, (and for those people unlucky enough to be stuck back in 1996) 800 x 600

As you can tell, I’m not all into the “hearts and cupids” theme for Valentine’s Day – instead, we get a terrific quote from poet Charles Bukowski. Chances are, you won’t find this one on any candy hearts at the local drugstore. Enjoy, and pass it along to a friend!