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Brochures for ABBA Homes by Scott Strickland

Fresh off the printer, here are some brochures that I designed for Scott Strickland of ABBA Homes – a general contractor from Saco, Maine who specializes in hardwood floor installations.When Scott first approached me about designing his brochures, he had some general ideas about what he’d like to see and then he essentially set me [...]

Do More, Give More In 2010

I alluded to this back at the end of 2009, but I had some things in my mind and on my heart that were pushing me in a new direction in 2010. More than reaching out into new areas of business and learning new skills, I felt like there was something else happening. As though [...]

Thoughts At The End Of 2009

Without a doubt, there’s nothing quite as annoying to me as the plethora of lists, countdowns, and various collections that took all of 2 minutes to hack together clogging the end of each year. Dull, not terribly thought-provoking, and for the most part devoid of creativity.This won’t be one of those posts. Cue the canned [...]

Re-Design of National Automotive Support’s website

Just finished up this project yesterday, and I have to say that everyone is pleased with the results. This is the third re-design that I’ve done with the folks over at National Automotive Support and it’s been great working with them. They wanted to do something a little different this time around and were very [...]

Welcome… Mind The Dust

Greetings and welcome to my new and updated portfolio website! I’m still in the process of squashing a few bugs and neatening up a few piles of sawdust, but we’re getting there. In the meantime, please poke around and you’ll see some of the recent work that I’ve done for both web and print. In [...]