Brochures for ABBA Homes by Scott Strickland

Fresh off the printer, here are some brochures that I designed for Scott Strickland of ABBA Homes – a general contractor from Saco, Maine who specializes in hardwood floor installations.When Scott first approached me about designing his brochures, he had some general ideas about what he’d like to see and then he essentially set me loose to hammer out the details, which just so happens to be my favorite way to work.

We began by focusing attention on some of Scott’s best work, his custom hardwood inlays, and used that as background images on both sides of the brochure. The next step was coming up with a way to get across Scott’s philosophy towards his work and clients – that it isn’t just about getting the job done and moving on, but forming a bond with his clients and meeting, then exceeding their needs. I came up with the “Relationships, Not Just Renovations” tagline and we were off and running. The focus of the piece then became testimonials from clients along with background on Scott and his business.

The result is a sharp brochure that stands out from the pack at meetings, something both Scott and I were very happy with. Next up, I’ll be working on Scott’s new website over at in the next couple weeks.