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Hello. My name is Todd Regoulinsky & I design beautiful solutions for web & print for you.

I also happen to run this comfy little design studio that handles all manner of web and print design tasks that help you, your company, your band, your whatever look as good as they should. Learn more about us, take a look at work in my portfolio, or, just give us a shout about your new project.

Selections From The Portfolio

View the case file for Friends Of UNH Hockey - website by 276 Design

Friends Of UNH Hockey

{ website }

View the case study for Retroscpecticus - website, promo kit, and business cards by 276 Design


{ website, promo kit, business cards }

View the case study for National Automotive Support - website, mail pieces, and business cards by 276 Design

National Automotive Support

{ website, mail pieces, business cards }

Rumblings From The Blog

Mama’s Boomshack

Time to get funky like a bowlegged monkey!

Midcoast School Of Music Re-Design

The Midcoast School Of Music has two campuses in Brunswick and Portland, Maine.

Retrospecticus Re-Touch

At the beginning of 2010, I was contacted by one of Maine’s premier function bands, Retrospecticus, to re-touch their website.

Brochures for ABBA Homes by Scott Strickland

Fresh off the printer, here are some brochures that I designed for Scott Strickland of ABBA Homes – a general contractor from Saco, Maine who specializes in hardwood floor installations.When Scott first approached me about designing his brochures, he had some general ideas about what he’d like to see and then he essentially set me loose to hammer out the details, which just so happens to be my favorite way to work.

We began by focusing attention on some of Scott’s best work, his custom hardwood inlays, and used that as background images on both sides of the brochure. The next step was coming up with a way to get across Scott’s philosophy towards his work and clients – that it isn’t just about getting the job done and moving on, but forming a bond with his clients and meeting, then exceeding their needs. I came up with the “Relationships, Not Just Renovations” tagline and we were off and running. The focus of the piece then became testimonials from clients along with background on Scott and his business.

The result is a sharp brochure that stands out from the pack at meetings, something both Scott and I were very happy with. Next up, I’ll be working on Scott’s new website over at in the next couple weeks.

Do More, Give More In 2010

I alluded to this back at the end of 2009, but I had some things in my mind and on my heart that were pushing me in a new direction in 2010. More than reaching out into new areas of business and learning new skills, I felt like there was something else happening. As though I were supposed to do something.

Now that it is 2010, it seems as though the chances have presented themselves and the idea has begun to fill itself out – Do More, Give More.

Starting this year, I will be donating 5% of each project to charity. Along with my own donations, I’ll be giving my clients an opportunity to learn more about the causes 276 Design will be involved in and giving them an opportunity to donate to them as well. My hope is that by taking this small step of my own that it might help others do the same. After all, each journey has to start with a first step, right?

The first organization I’ll be donating to this year is called Love146 – a group who is dedicated to ending human trafficking. It’s estimated that 27 million people are enslaved today – more than twice the number at the height of the African slave trade – with many of them being women and children. For how to help and what they do, visit I’d explain more, but I think this video does a better job than I ever could…

From now until the end of this year, I’ll be donating 5% of each project to Love146. It’s my hope that my workload and income will increase enough to add an additional charity by the middle of summer.

Now, the challenge is, what will you do? I’m not saying you have to donate money to charity or hire me because I donate to charity – far from it. What I’m asking is something a bit deeper and more personal. Is there something that you’ve thought about doing, or maybe know that you should be doing, but aren’t doing? I’m challenging you to do whatever that is, whether it’s scratching a check to a charitable organization you believe in or spending some time working at a soup kitchen or volunteering at the local library. Do it now and keep doing it. That’s the challenge.

Free February Desktop Wallpaper

If there’s one sure way to get better at something, it’s practice. It’s true for most anything – sports, playing a musical instrument, and especially design. I’ve found that the more I play with pixels, the more “tuned in” my eye becomes and the more detail becomes second nature. With that in mind, I’m trying to spend more of my “down time” in 2010 working on some personal projects and just plain experimenting.

I’ve been reading Smashing Magazine for awhile now and they have this really great recurring feature each month where designers will submit desktop wallpapers to be given away for free. I’m a little late to the party for February, but that just enables me to offer my submission to all the folks who happen by my little corner of the web. Without further ado, here’s my free desktop wallpaper for February 2010… (more…)

Thoughts At The End Of 2009

Without a doubt, there’s nothing quite as annoying to me as the plethora of lists, countdowns, and various collections that took all of 2 minutes to hack together clogging the end of each year. Dull, not terribly thought-provoking, and for the most part devoid of creativity.This won’t be one of those posts.

Cue the canned applause. Thank you, thank you. Even louder fake applause. No, really… you’re embarrassing me… Fake applause slowly dies into the background.

My thoughts and reflections on the end of 2009 are those of gratitude and excitement. Gratitude first. I am exceedingly thankful to all the people whom I’ve had a chance to work with in the past year – not just for the business, but for pushing me with each project to be a little bit better. (more…)

Re-Design of National Automotive Support’s website

Just finished up this project yesterday, and I have to say that everyone is pleased with the results.


This is the third re-design that I’ve done with the folks over at National Automotive Support and it’s been great working with them. They wanted to do something a little different this time around and were very keen on being able to update their own content and samples. Naturally, WordPress made the most sense and I got down to business planning out their custom theme. In the future, they’ll be using blog posts to make samples available to their clients and drive traffic to the individual posts for that month using an email blast. Give the portfolio page a look.

Welcome… Mind The Dust

Greetings and welcome to my new and updated portfolio website! I’m still in the process of squashing a few bugs and neatening up a few piles of sawdust, but we’re getting there. In the meantime, please poke around and you’ll see some of the recent work that I’ve done for both web and print. In the very near future, I’ll be adding some old projects – some that are still around, some that aren’t, and perhaps even a concept or two just for the heck of it. If you have any questions at all, please contact me!